Anaesthesia workstations - Morpheus M LIGHT

Anaesthesia unit for adults, children and new-born babies

The MORPHEUS M LIGHT is a unit for anaesthesia and it can be used on adult, children and newborn patients.
The MORPHEUS M LIGHT is suitable for administration of Oxygen - Air - Nitrous Oxide - Halothane - Enflurane - Isoflurane - Sevoflurane - Desflurane mixtures.

The unit for anaesthesia MORPHEUS M LIGHT is completed with:
- mechanic system 3 rotameters (O2,N2O,ARIA) for gas mixing
- electronic lung ventilator with 12" TFT colour display
- valves group: open, semi-closed, closed, heated, with soda lime absorber (1 Kg)
- SIARETEX rapid connection device, Selectatec compatible for 2 vaporizers
- gas supply group