Portable ventilators - Sirio Plus MRI

Portable emergency MRI ventilator for adults, children and newborns The Sirio Plus MRI is an exclusive electronic ventilator ideal for the treatment of adult, children and newborn patients in Magnetic Resonance Imaging environment. The Sirio Plus MRI can work very next to a magnet with a magnetic field up to 20 m/tesla. The ventilator is equipped with an electronic control system allowing a technologically advanced and safe lung ventilation able to satisfy the requirements of physicians.

The SIRIO PLUS MRI is an extremely versatile ventilator which can be used, besides MRI, in other applications, like:

-        Intra and extra-hospital transportation

-        Intensive Care Unit

-        Resuscitation Unit

Its versatility makes of SIRIO PLUS MRI a fundamental support for the physicians.

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