Transportables Beatmungsgerät - Sirio Baby 200 MRI

Transportable Beatmungsgeräte

Transportable Beatmungsgeräte


The new ventilator model Sirio Baby 200 MRI has been conceived for the lung ventilation of new borns having a weight of < 3 Kgs and premature babies and it's compatible for use in magnetic resonance rooms from 1,5 and 3 Tesla.

Its ergonomics makes this ventilator the ideal model if combined with the transport incubators or in the neonatal resuscitation. The high standard technology combined with simple and intuitive settings, makes this ventilator a very easy to use and reliable equipment.

The new ventilator model Sirio Baby 200 MRI is integrated with the spirometry and it includes a double oxygen and air supply for a setting of the FiO2 from 21% to 100%; moreover, it's equipped with a long duration battery.